Learning Beyond Letter Grades

Why do so many schools use letter grades? Where did they come from? What do they tell us and fail to tell us about the learners? What is the relationship between letter grades, student learning, and assessment?

About Learning Beyond Letter Grades

This six-week course will allow participants to carefully consider the history, benefits, limitations, and alternatives to using letter grades in learning environments. It will include reflection about the role of formative and summative assessment, strategies for leveraging technology for assessment, as well as exploration of authentic and alternative assessments. Other topics will include peer assessment, badges, self-assessment, and a variety of feedback sources in learning environments. As a way to develop a deeper understanding of the subject, participants will experiment with different forms of assessment and examine a variety of real world examples of learning organizations that do not use letter grades.

Before you Begin:

Links to all of the critical instructions are listed below.  Please start by watching the short video below and then moving on to step 2 (listed below).

  1. Watch the above video.
  2. Read the course instructions / syllabus.
  3. Review the schedule of weekly live sessions.
  4. Start working on the earning the badges that interest you.