Welcome!  This is the self-paced portion of the course. Below are a series of topical learning modules where you can, if you choose, earn badges to demonstrate your knowledge and skill.

  • You are free to work through all of the open badges (a few do not open until late October) or just the ones that interest you.
  • There is no required order.
  • You can work on one at a time or several at the same time.
  • You will need to log in in order to earn badges and monitor your progress. Click on “View a quick getting started tutorial” for help setting up your log in at Please watch this video before contacting us with questions. We love hearing from you, but because of the large number of participants, we ask your help by first using the recorded instructions.
  • Many of the badges are open and ready for you right now.  However, please note that some of them do not open until late October.
  • The only rule is that we do not plan to evaluate and distribute badges once the six week period for this course is complete. So, if you want to earn a badge, make sure that you complete the module before the class is over (November 22 is the final day). However, all of the content and the online discussions will remain open after that date.
  • Resubmissions are welcome and encouraged. In other words, if you submit evidence and the reviewer determines that it does not meet the the criteria, you can rework your submission and submit it again.
  • Because of the large number of participants, please allow up to a week for your badge submission to be reviewed.